It started out as a “spring cleaning” when we moved into our new home. I had to down size two person collections (not just personal belongings) somehow turned into a collaboration with my mother-in-law who has a small merchandising business. So we (mother-daughter-in-law team), a tiny household business will offer you various kind of products (new, pre-owned, fun and unique). I want to say thank you to all people who visited and purchased items from me. I believe in treating all my customers with sincerity, respect and honesty. All postings are described to best of my ability.

As for who I am... I’m a city girl that recently got married, brought a small home with hubby and moved to another state. We're unable to combine or put all of our stuff in our home, which is always the case with being hitched and moving in together. We learned that both of us had accumulated quite a collection of our hobbies (I called it nerdy) like tabletop games, anime merchandise, shoes, cloths, etc. The latter two was only me. With that said, we have to pare down and we didn’t want to just stored the collection (we think it’s a waste). You’ll see out of production items, some one-of-a-kind, vintage, common stuff, etc like Doreamon’s pocket*. Many items are new or gently used.

We mail most of the items out via first class/standard (unless specify in S&H) with a tracking number. Buyer and Seller will have a trail and know where the package will always be, so no lost packages. If you are locally, I do not mind meeting you up in person and exchange the item. I’ll be listing items slowly. If you are curious, we can also be found on Ebay as Yuri-ten. Don’t be shy, send me an email about it. Better yet, email me if you have any questions about listed item(s) or me.

Thank you~~ ^_^


*Doreamon pocket – It’s a 4D functioning pocket that Doreamon wear it on his abdomen. The pocket has limitless space, which anything and everything can fit in there. Like a wormhole but you can find your stuff! Similar to Marry Poppin’s suitcase except a lot smaller to carry.